Saturday, October 6, 2007

Setting Spring '08 classes at Stony Brook

Hi all!

Yesterday, we (Lynne, Sally and myself) were pouring over some new Hoffman fabrics that we are ordering for December/January delivery at the store. Wait until you see some of these fabrics, they are GORGEOUS! We ordered some fabric collections which have patterns to go with them. I basically have set my January through March classes already based on the fabrics we ordered! And with the fabrics arriving in December...I'll actually have samples ready ahead of time!

One of the classes is based on an Asian collection from Hoffman and the quilt pattern to go with it will definitely appeal to those of you who love Asians. It also lends itself to be a masculine quilt so for those of you who want to make a quilt for their special someone (male) this might be the quilt. We are also getting more batiks to fill out our batik wall at the store.

Since I am setting my classes for the spring....if you have a burning desire for a specific class, please let me know quickly!!!!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week after last Monday was quite nice. I got all the annoying stuff out of the way on Monday (see my previous posting) :-)))

Piece in peace,


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