Monday, October 1, 2007

Did I ever tell you I hate Mondays?

Hi all!

Today was a perfect example of why most people hate Mondays. I got up this morning ready to go to work at the store and work on some class samples. First, my daughter Meaghan was already up at 5:30am working on her essays, she went to bed around 1am trying to get the essays done (she was away for the weekend). She's got a cold and she's miserable and can't get her essays printed on any of our printers in the house. Chris (the son) gets a phone call to come into work at 6am (he forgot to check his schedule when he was away). Sabrina, (the other daughter) leaves the house at 7:00am, leaving her lunch behind. Justin (the youngest) wakes up with a headache and stomach ache. The husband is home, getting ready to go to a fundraiser golf tournament. And I have to be at my physical therapy by 8:20am.

First, I get Chris off to work, get Meaghan to dump her files onto a floppy and also to email her essay to her account at the high school. I call Justin in sick, then I get dressed and drive over to the high school to drop off Sabrina's lunch. Of course, no one tells me that the main office has moved to the other side of the building! Then the bell rings and I'm awash in teenagers. Luckily a teacher who knew me took the lunch and promised she would get it to Sabrina.

Next, I'm driving away from the high school...I then find out my route to the therapist is closed and I have a ten minute detour to negotiate. I was then late for my therapy. While there, I get a phone call from Meaghan who is now ill and wants to come home. She tells me that the school's internet was down and she had to go to three different areas in the school to find a computer that had a floppy drive (note: we are definitely getting memory sticks for the kids). After my therapy is done, I go back to the high school to get Meaghan home. I called Lynne to tell her I was running late and that I had a great story to explain why. I then proceed to hit EVERY RED LIGHT from my house to the store. At this point, I look heavenward and say "OK God, whatever I did, I'm really sorry can you stop now?" The only thing I thought was that my hubby would have a much nicer day.

Guess what, the hubby had....let's be delicate here....a wardrobe malfunction while on the golf course. He was able to continue playing but he was very careful about moving around. Needless to say, the O'Brien family was definitely having a baaaaad Monday! Makes you want to not get out of bed. The only bright side is, since everything happened today, the rest of the week can only get better (we hope).

Here's to a better week, I hope you had a much better day today than I did.

Piece in peace, Pat

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