Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quilt Pink results & my return to teaching

Hi all!

As I said in my first posting, I would try to post every day, but this time life definitely intervened. More like my computer did not want to cooperate with my posting to the site. Bob's working on it, he thinks it's our security software giving us problems accessing the blog site. I definitely did not want to go to Meaghan (one of the daughters) for help....I'd never hear the end of it :-))

Last Saturday we had a Quilt Pink workshop at the Stony Brook Hamilton store. We had a total of 11 quilters show up. Actually, some were new to quilting, having never quilted before but we successfully passed on the Quilt Pox to them. It was even more meaningful since one of our newbees is a very recent breast cancer survivor, having her last chemo treatment just the Thursday before! As usual, the "Sweatshop Gang" of Mary, Elaine and Heather were in high gear making blocks like crazy. They already have several large lap quilt tops in process. I'm hoping for at least one, possibly two queen sized quilts. It seems the larger quilts do better on the auction site (e-bay).

If you want to see information about Quilt Pink click on this link http://www.quiltpink.com. Also, you can go to e-bay (http://www.ebay.com/quiltpink) and you will see the quilts up for auction. If you want more information about breast cancer and the effort to raise funds to help find a cure go to http://www.komen.org. The more information you have, the more likely you can help yourself or a loved one.

I am recovering very rapidly from my latest surgery on my shoulder (yes, again). I will start classes in October, the first being Circle-A-Round. This is a technique class which will help you learn how to set circles into fabric to create your own unique quilt. Some of the sample quilts from the book are really outrageous. You've probably seen similar ones when you went to quilt shows and though "how did they do that?" I had a lot of fun working with this book. I've got a bunch signed up for the morning session....where's my night ladies!! Please call the store and sign up soon before we have to cancel the class....boy I hate doing that!

I am also doing more new owner guide classes at the Hamilton store. This is to help Elizabeth since she's covering several locations. That way I can get to see more of my buddies at the Hamilton store. I hope to see you all really soon!

Piece in peace.


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