Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cancellation ranting and future classes

Hello all!

I got a phone call from Lynne yesterday...I had to cancel yet another UFO class (unfinished object class) due to lack of enrollment. Hey ladies! A lot of you asked for UFO classes to finish up your projects and/or to just hang out with your buddies with help. Please let me know what days and times are best for you and I will try and accommodate. I hate to cancel classes since I always get several calls or emails asking why we cancelled (after the fact). Remember, the store policy is to cancel one week ahead of time if no one signs up. Signing up includes paying for the class since we've gotten burned lots of times with other people signing up for a class without paying, and then not showing up.

OK, enough ranting. My shoulder is feeling much, much better. I'm actually cleaning and re-organizing my studio this weekend so I can get back to work in there. The hubby and two of the kids are away at a Catholic Scout Retreat, another one is working the weekend and I've got some of Justin's friends sleeping over to keep him occupied. Now if I could just have a few little elves to do the work of cleaning up for me I'd be set!

I'm working on a few new patterns that I hope to have ready for the next session of classes in January. Ladies, now is the time to let me know what classes you would like to see offered and if I can't teach it, I'll help the store find teachers for it!

Have a great weekend!

Piece in peace,


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what she said!
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